About our Company

Duna 3000 Kft. has been providing business services for Small and Medium Enterprises, Private Enterprises and Individuals for more than 17 years. Our Accounting, HR Administration, Payroll and Business Services cover the key areas of business operations. Our colleagues have many years of experience from various economy sectors and widespread business relations. At Duna 3000, we believe that the base of successful cooperation with our clients is deeply rooted in the mutual partnership and trust. Our goal is to find real solutions for our clients’ challenges and questions as well as to support them to create and carry out an efficient and effective business concept. It is essential for us to gain the most up-to-date information therefore our colleagues are regular participants of accounting related events, online forums. We are also subscribers of the key accounting related information resources. Due to all the above mentioned factors, our partners have been choosing our company for years. Duna 3000 Kft. is located in Budapest, in the 13th district, easily accessible with car and public transportation.

Accounting Services

We provide comprehensive accounting services for newly established and already existing companies. ‘Thinking with our clients’ head.’ - understanding their operations, business processes is essential for us. We provide monthly, quarterly reports to our clients about their actual business performance, financial status as well as about taxes and contributions payable. We try to pay close attention to our clients’ questions, requests and satisfy those by providing them clear answers and solutions in accordance with the Hungarian regulations. Our partnership agreement involves one complimentary consultation per month for all of our clients.

Accounting Services

Single and double entry bookkeeping,
Recording and tracking up-to-date general ledger postings,
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable analytics,
Bank reconciliation,
Petty cash control,
Plant, Property and Equipment (PPE) analytics, amortization and depreciation calculations,
Notification about Taxes and Contributions Payable,

Electronic Tax Declarations

Interim Reports
- Monthly, quarterly and annual VAT Reports,
- Declaration of Trade of Goods and Services in the European Union,
- Declaration of Company Car Tax,
- Declaration of Rehabilitation Contribution,

Annual Reports

Annual Report, Abridged Annual Report,
Declaration of Corporate Tax,
Declaration of Local Tax,
Advocacy and representation at authorities (NAV - National Tax and Customs Administration-, OEP - National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary-, local authorities),
Information sharing with authorities,
Contact with our clients and the clients’ auditors,
Creating a customized accounting policy,
Consultation about documents subjected to strict accounting regulations,
Retroactive accounting,
Advocacy at authorities for newly established businesses.

Advocacy Services

We all know that queuing in government offices, institutions, post offices etc. is always a never-ending and may be a complex procedure. It takes large amount of time which is eventually taken from you and your company.

With our services

You can save time and money that you can dedicate to your business,
You and your interests are represented by experts that can evade more administration (and queuing) caused by previously made mistakes,
We can promptly react if any problems occur at any authorities about your business. As a result of this, you can avoid penalties.
‘Let us deal with difficulties, let us deal with authorities!’

Consultation Services

Today’s companies are facing with complex environmental challenges that they must get over. But many companies fail by ignoring these. Managers dedicate disproportionately vast amount of time for administration and navigation in the labyrinth of legal regulations. As a result of these, critical business developing factors are pushed into the background. Duna 3000 provides comprehensive consultation services customized to our clients’ operations in the areas of accounting and taxation. Our colleagues and consultants have widespread experience from various industries in the everyday practices of taxation. One of the most difficult tasks in developing a successful business is tracking and observing the continuously changing tax laws. It is becoming more and more inevitable to work with professional tax consultants. You do not need to be our permanent client to get competent answers for your questions. Contact us, let us speak about your ideas and let us solve your accounting and taxation challenges!
‘Finding the right path is always easier together.’

Tax law and business consultation

Advocacy at authorities,
Preparation for the monitoring and audits of authorities,
Legal remedy service after audits,
Tax optimization, tax burden minimization,
Business launch consultation,
Mediation in legal consultation.